El Mercado Tunqui Hotel
El Mercado Tunqui

Mercado is the Spanish word for market,and MLP’S El Mercado Tunqui is built on the site of former market located just a couple of blocks from Cusco’s main Plaza de Armas.A market is an expression of a town’s culture and traditions,a space where these may be appreciated,fostered,and protected.Visiting a market is an effective way of obtaining a deep and lasting impression of a city,a place where its pulse may be felt.Just as the countryside’s best products are brought to a market,El Mercado Tunqui brings the magic of the Apus—the spirits of the mountains—to the city.The hallmarks of the MLP experience—exceptional service,warm Peruvian hospitality,and attention to details—are found at El Mercado Tunqui,creating perfect beginning for any journey into the beautiful landscapes and fascinating cultures of Peru.


Rooms are charming, cozy and boast original décor. Junior suites are handsomely suited with fireplaces and stand-alone bathtubs, so that you may bathe while enjoying the warmth of the inroom fireplace. Main suites are ideal for small family, or for those seeking the extra space with a terrace or a private dining/living room.

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